About Us

Nationtech is a cybersecurity boutique firm specialising in Networks and System Safety, Payment Security, Infrastructure Defense
and Data Protection. Our highly skilled team of experts and specialists have located breaches and remediated to vulnerabilities
on major Fortune 500 Technology companies including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Cisco and Adobe.


Network Security

Networks open you up to potential breaches that can jeopardise your operations. We assess your network safety and fortify it against breaches and cyber attacks.


Data Protection

Securing user data is key to companies across sectors. We help you boost data protection through stress tests and follow up remediation plans.


Preventive Measures

We conduct stress tests in order to identify existing vulnerabilities, After which we remediate to these system exposures before they are exploited.

Why Care?

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    2015 will be a worse year for hack attacks on businesses in a world where an increasing number of devices are connected to the internet.

    CEO John Chambers
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    World Economic Forum

    Cybersecurity is one of 2015’s biggest risks and company bosses are putting an increasing focus on shoring up their defences.

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    The Heritage Foundation

    The annual average cost per company of successful cyber attacks increased to $20.8 million in financial services, $14.5 million in the technology sector, and $12.7 million in communications industries.

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    This year is expected to see 42.8 million cyberattacks, roughly 117,339 attacks each day. It is no surprise to find that as the number of information security incidents continues to mount, so do financial losses.

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    Kaspersky Lab

    An average data security incident costs a company $720,000. Successful targeted attacks could cost a company nearly $2.54 million.

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    Barack Obama, USA President

    Cyber threats are an urgent and growing danger. With the Sony attack that took place, it just goes to show much more work we need to do both public and private sector to strengthen our cybersecurity.


NationTech is laser focused on keeping your organization secure and our service offering supports your complete IT Security Lifecycle.Our
expertise extends to security gap assessments, consulting, implementation, managed services, networking, remediation & incident response.


Data Center




PCI Compliance


Military Services

Why Choose Us

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    Reliable Support

    Cyber threats are critical and need timely responses. Our team is always on standby to help you counter attacks and fix vulnerabilities.

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    Guaranteed Anonymity

    Anonymity of our clients is a top concern for us. Your identity, vulnerabilities and attack logs will always remain classified.

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    Technical Experts

    Our experts are “White Hats” and industry leaders with international credentials and qualifications in IT security.

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    24/7 Customer Care

    Our customer support is always at your disposal to assist you with your IT security needs 24/7/365.

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    Recognized Quality

    All top 10 technology giants recognise our accomplishments in helping detect vulnerabilities in their systems.

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    Certificates & Training

    Our team includes certified IT security trainers who can provide formations and issue certificates to your personnel.


Our team of global experts is always on standby to address your needs and assist you 24/7. Whether you wish to inquire more about
our services, or you are interested in running a 360 system assessment to stress test your platform or you are facing ongoing cyber
attacks, then do not hesitate to contact us. Either fill the form below or reach us through our multiple communication channels.